Servicescape Scholarship for International students

Are you looking for Funding that will help reduce the financial burden posed by your Academics? if yes, worry no further, because I will be exposing you to the Servicescape Scholarship program.

ServiceScape Scholarship program is among the list of Financial aid programs funded by Servicescape, a thriving Tech company in the United States, the company specializes in editing, translating, graphic designing, and writing.


The prestigious Servicescape Company was established in 1990, the company’s headquarters is Situated in the city of Salem, in Machussestt, United States.

Servicescape is among the top US companies, that has maintained and consistently supported the studies of international students financially irrespective of their of Country of Origin.


Notwithstanding the Servicescape Scholarship Award is a partially funded Scholarship opportunity, the Scholarship offers partial funding for international students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree at any accredited university anywhere in the world.

The Servicescape Scholarship Award provides a total sum of $1,000 as partial funding for international students who are recipients of this Scholarship program, throughout thier study period.

Surprisingly Aspiring Students for the Servicescape Scholarship program, will need to submit an essay letter of 300 words alongside thier application.

The Supposed essay written by each applicant of this Scholarship program, is actually a discussion on How Writing affects today’s world, beneficiaries of this Scholarship program are selected based on how outstanding and comprehensive is thier essay.


International students who have strong command of English will easily secure this Scholarship Award because the scholarship board selects students based on the quality of thier submitted Essays.

Servicescape Scholarship Program is among the most easiest Scholarships international students could get, it is less competitive compared to other international scholarships.

Nevertheless, let’s have a quick look at this Scholarship program, stating its requirements, and it’s Application procedure with some other relevant information pertaining to the ensure you read through carefully we got you covered.

Requirements For The Servicescape Scholarship for International Students

Welcome back let’s get to see some of the requirements criteria you need to Fulfil, so as to qualify for the Servicescape Scholarship program.

1. Essays

Each Applicants Aspiring for the ServiceScape Scholarship program must submit a well-comprehensive essay, of not less than 300 words, of which the Proposed essay letter must be written in English language.

2. Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for this Scholarship program, you must be a full-time students at any accredited university, College, or trade school located anywhere in the world, irrespective of the country.

International students who have any immediate family or household members working at Servicescape are not Eligible to Apply for this Scholarship.

Furthermore, International students who are Eligible for this Scholarship, are international students that are at least eighteen(18) years of age, students below the age of Age of Eighteen(18) are not eligible to apply for this Scholarship.

3. Number of Entries

Each Applicants for the Sercicescape Scholarship Award are only allowed to submit and make entries in the application form once, reason while it’s advisable Each applicants spend time fact-checking each of the submitted information to prevent any form of Misspellings or Errors in thier submitted documents.

4. Selected Students

Selected students or winners of this Scholarship Award, must provide thier most recent passport within ten(10) days of receiving a congratulatory message from the Scholarship board, they must also provide a Signed Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release, and Publicity Release.

Nevertheless, failure to provide any of the aforementioned documents will lead to the termination of the Scholarship and another prospective applicant will be Selected by the Scholarship board.

Do ensure you Click here For more Detailed Information, regarding the Servicescape Scholarship for International students, We sincerely believe you got so much value reading this Article.

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