DAAD Scholarships For International Students

Do you wish to Study in Germany for free, we got you covered, in this Article, we will be reviewing, one of the Top German Scholarships managed by the German Academic Exchange Service, Known as the DAAD Scholarships program.

DAAD Scholarships are among the list of Fully Funded Scholarships Available to international students interested in Furthering thier studies in Germany.


This Scholarship program is specifically for international students Aspiring to pursue a master’s, or P.h.d degree in Germany, the Scholarship program is also for talented international students, passionate about carrying out research in Germany.

International students who are Graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral students are the only eligible Applicants for the DAAD Scholarship program, Although the DAAD Scholarship Award also funds the internships of Students.


The DAAD Scholarship Award is among the largest Scholarship awards in Germany, with over 100,000 students receiving the DAAD Scholarships yearly.

This German Scholarship Award covers the Complete tuition Fees of successful applicants. Also, he provides them with a monthly stipend, with about 934 euros for Graduate students as monthly allowance. In contrast, postdoctoral or doctoral students will receive 1,200 as a monthly allowance, throughout the course of thier program.

Recipients of the DAAD Scholarship Award will also be entitled to a travel allowance monthly, and also an health, personal liability insurance coverage throughout their study period in Germany.

DAAD Scholarship program also provides international students learning or studying any language Course with Funding.


Nevertheless, beneficiaries of this German-based Scholarship are selected based on thier previous Academic Achievements in thier previous course of study.

Without wasting much time let’s dive deep into this Scholarship program, as we expose you to its application process, Eligibility criteria, and some other handful information about this Scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria of The DAAD Scholarship Program

Below are some of the requirements you should consider before applying for the DAAD Scholarship program, Fulfilling the criteria below will provide you with better chances of securing this Scholarship easily, ensure you read through carefully we got you covered.

1. Language

Aspiring students for the DAAD Scholarship program must possess proficiency in the language of instruction of the course they wish to study in Germany.

It’s actually not compulsory you learn the German Language, although being proficient in the German Language is actually an added advantage because it offers you the privilege to communicate freely in Germany while studying your dream program in Germany.

Aside from learning the German Language, ensure you have a strong command of the language in which your preferred course of Study is been taught.

2. Previous Study

Aspiring students for this Scholarship Award must have a School leaving Certificates from a well  recognized institution, also students must have been offered a bachelor’s degree that is related to thier choice program in Germany.

Note: having a minimum GPA of 3.5 in a 4.0 scale in your previous Undergraduate program will sincerely help you secure this Scholarship easily.

3. Recommendation Letters

International students applying for this Scholarship program will need to attach recommendation letters alongside their application, while applying for this Scholarship.

The Supposed Recommendation letters will come from guardians, counsellors or professional referees of applicants applying for the Scholarship.

4. Meet up with the Scholarship Deadline

International Students Aspiring for this Scholarship are advise to apply early, submitting all necessary details that are needed by the Scholarship board, applying at the first week of the Scholarship announcement will aid you in securing this Scholarship as an International Student.

I strongly advise you to visit the official web page of DAAD Scholarship program, to gain more Clarity, click here to visit the official page.

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