Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships is also among the list of Scholarship Opportunities Available to International students in Germany.

If you sincerely wish to pursue an Undergraduate degree, graduate Degree or Doctoral Degree in Germany for Free, the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program should honestly be a perfect choice for you.


The Heinrich Boll Foundation manages this German Scholarship program,The Heinrich Boll Foundation is actually a political foundation whose head office is Situated in the City of Berlin, Germany.

Surprisingly the Heinrich Boll Foundation is affiliated to the German Green Party, which is one of the Top political parties in Germany.


Each of the Funding received by the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program is mostly sponsored by the German Green Political Party, through the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Notwithstanding the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program was christened after a popular German Writer and Nobel Laureate Known as Heinrich Boll.

The man named Heinrich Boll was an Experienced Writer and an activist, who was committed to Social Justice, human rights, and environmental Sustainability back in the days.

Heinrich Boll studied Literature and Philosophy at University of Cologne, but Unfortunately could not finish his program at the University, due to his poor Financial background, more reason why a Scholarship program was awarded in honour of him.


Despite the Educational Challenges faced by Henrich Boll, he influenced the Literature Industry in Germany Greatly, through his series of publications, which led to him receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1972.

To help Celebrate and Honour Heinrich Boll, the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program was created, offering About 1500 undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Students the opportunity to Study for Free in Germany.

To be eligible for the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program, Aspiring students must be willing to further thier Studies at a State-owned University in Germany.

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship covers tuition fees payments, Health insurance, travel allowances, and some other Academic expenses like internships, Educational tours e.t.c.

Recipients of this Scholarship program, who studied in Germany and Students from any EU country will receive a monthly Stipend of 812 euros and a Study allowance of 300 euros per month, while international students not educated in Germany will receive 934 euros as monthly stipend.

Whereas Recipient International students from a non-EU country Aspiring for a Doctoral Degree in Germany will receive 1,350 euros as monthly allowance, while those from EU countries will receive 1,200 euros plus an additional 100 euros for their mobility in a month.

Without Further Ado, let’s Dive Deep into some other important Aspects of the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program, do ensure you read through with Keen Attention.

Requirements Criteria For The Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

1. Eligible Schools

The Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship program is specifically meant for international students who are willing to Further thier Studies in a State-owned University in Germany.

International students interested in this Scholarship opportunity will have to present their proof of admission into any State-owned university in Germany to the Scholarship board.

2. Scholarship Quota

International students who have previously studied at any accredited institution in Germany are the only Eligible Candidate for the Undergraduate Scholarship, offered by the Scholarship Board.

While the Master’s and Doctoral Degree Scholarships are for all international students irrespective of where they Completed thier previous studies.

Recipients of the Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Scholarship Award, are Awarded based on their previous Academic records, Community Engagements, and interests.

However, the Beneficiaries of the Doctoral Degree Scholarship are selected based on the quality of thier Submitted Project, and also Community Engagements, Academic Achievement, and Interests.

3. Language Proficiency

International Students Aspiring for this Scholarship program, must be proficient in the German Language, Students will be required to Submit Test Scores, to prove thier Proficiency in German Language.

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