Bristol University Think Big Scholarship For International Students

Bristol University is one of the most prestigious Universities in the UK,the institution currently ranks among the Top ten(10) best universities in the UK.

Based on the QS World University Ranking, Bristol University is among the top 100 best universities Globally, the institution was established in 1876, and its head campus is currently situated in the city of Bristol.


Bristol University is best known for its top-notch programs in the field of Engineering, Medical Science, and Arts related courses, from bachelor’s degrees up to Graduate degree levels.

The tuition fees at Bristol University is quite expensive, due to the quality of education offered, tuition fees for most international students at this university range between  20,100 euros to 38,000 euros per year depending on thier course of Study.


Irrespective of the the high cost of tuition fees at Bristol university, I will be exposing you to the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships, one of the available Scholarships for international students interested in pursuing a Full-time Academic program at Bristol University.

Notwithstanding, Bristol University Think Big Scholarship, is a merit-based scholarship for talented foreign students who wish to pursue an Undergraduate degree or master’s degree for free at Bristol University.

Surprisingly Bristol University assigns about 500,000 euros to fund this scholarship program yearly, Recipients of the Think Big Scholarship program can study any program of thier choice for free, provided it’s not related to medicine, veterinary science, and Dentistry.

Recipients of the Think Big Scholarships, pursuing an Undergraduate degree will receive funding of around 6,500 euros to 13,000 euros yearly for thier tuition fees at the university.


While aspiring post-graduate students who are beneficiaries of the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships, will receive close to 13,000 euros to 26,000 euros yearly as tuition fees for thier Graduate degree studies at Bristol University.

Note: the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships, only cover tuition fee payments, Recipients of the Scholarship Award will be responsible for thier Accommodation and any other related fees aside from tuition fees.

Nevertheless, in the first year of study, recipients of the Think Big Scholarship Award at Bristol University will receive a total sum of 3,000 euros as stipend.For more Clarity regarding the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships, Click here.

Eligibility Criteria For The Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

1. Eligible Students

The Bristol University Think Big Scholarships is specifically for international students only, students from UK are not Eligible to apply for this Scholarship Award.

2. Language Proficiency

International students whose official Language isn’t English will need to provide thier English Test Scores to prove thier proficiency in English Language.

3. Eligible Programs

Aspiring students for the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships, must have been admitted into a Full-time undergraduate or master’s Degree program at Bristol University, before attempting this Scholarship program.

Notwithstanding international students admitted, or aspiring for any Academic program related to medical Science, Veterinary Science, and Dististry are not qualified to apply for the Think Big Scholarship program.

Does University of Bristol give full scholarship?

Yes,University of Bristol offers several Fully Funded scholarships to talented international students, interested in Furthering thier Studies at Bristol University.

However, most of the Fully funded scholarship opportunities offered to international students at Bristol University are under the Umbrella of the Think Big Scholarship program.

What is the big think scholarship for Bristol?

The Bristol Think Big Scholarship,is a fully funded Scholarship, covering the tuition fees of international students who wish to study thier most preferred Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree program for Free at Bristol University.

Is Bristol university expensive for international students?

Yes, the Tuition fees for International students at Bristol University is quite expensive, international students studying at Bristol University UK, are expected to pay between 20,100 euros to 38,000 euros per year as tuition Fees,with respect to thier Course of Study.

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