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Technology has done good to mankind in different ways, it has made things easier for people like the invention of cars, areophane, microwave. With all these, it has not left the Church and other religious people behind. Nowadays, we have the bible installed on our phones, tablets, iPods and other devices. All these have overshadowed pocket bibles. So, I have tabled the top 10 best bible apps for your android phone.

Top 10 Best Bible Apps

  • Audible
  • Bible App for Kids
  • Life Church Bible App
  • Bible Trivia Quiz
  • Daily Bible Verse
  • HarperCollins Christian Publishing
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Pocket Casts
  • The Study Bible
  • Tecarta Bible


This app has been on the most popular audiobook platform. This app focuses on books read by human voices. Luckily, this app comes with different versions of the bible that can choose from to listen. You can choose to listen to the bible wherever you want it can be in your car, at home, school or any place you feel is more convenient for you.

Download on PlayStore

Bible App for Kids

As the name sound that is what exactly it is. The Bible App for Kids is mainly designed for children. The app is one of the different apps in the YouVersion Bible apps style that is becoming very popular. This app allows children to play through an interactive adventure section that teaches them more about the bible. The app also comes with challenges, cartoons and other interesting options. The app is totally free for download.

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Life Church Bible App

I will truly say that this is one of the best bible apps right now because it comes with several options and features. The app also gives the user the ability to access offline mode for you to enjoy the bible whenever you want to. More to it, there are 1400 versions of the bible in different languages. You can read any version of your choice whenever you want to. The app also provides you with Verse of the day, an audio version of the bible to listen, some of the other version of the bible that comes with this are the King James Version (KJV), New King James Version, New Living Translation, New International Version, English Standard and many more.

Download the Life Church Bible App Here on PlayStore

Bible Trivia Quiz

Bible studies can at times be fun, the Bible Trivia Quiz app gives you that opportunity. The app features ten quiz games from the bible and a total of three modes with thousands of questions based on the KJV King James Version. You can also share questions with your friends and also pay attention to progress. The game is very simple to play all it does, is ask you a question and you give an answer of your choice.

Download Bible Trivia Quiz Here on PlayStore

Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse is an app that provides you with the daily verses you should read. Though the name might not sound very creative it doesn’t really matter. This app does a great job by providing you with daily scriptural bible verses on a daily bases. Users can pick between the KJV and the NIV versions of the bible. You can also save your favourite scripture or share them on social media. The app is free to download

Download Daily Bible Verse on PlayStore

HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Harper Collins Christian Publishing has several bible apps and Bible study apps. One of their big apps is the ones that come with different versions of the bible. They have the NKJV, NIV, KJV, ESV, and NLT versions and other amazing versions like the Amplified Bible app. You have a note installed in the app that gives an additional ability to study the bible. There are over dozens of the bible apps that come with this app some are free while require a few tokens.

Download HarperCollins Christian Publishing on PlayStore

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread was started by a Christian in the 1930s since then they have worked tirelessly by providing different material that talks about the Word of God, Christians have learnt how to accept Christ as their Lord and Personal Savior. Our Daily Bread is a magazine for all Christians. Our Daily Bread app allows you to download a lot of things that can be used for the study of the bible, reading ideas from the bible and a public comment section provided for you to ask questions. The app works excellent

Download Our Daily Bread on PlayStore 

Pocket Casts

This app allows you to download play podcasts. Many pastors and ministries put up their sermon on iTunes or Google Play Store. Pocket Casts apps help you locate their sermons and download them for you to listen to them anywhere you are.

Download Pocket Casts On PlayStore 

The Study Bible

I really love this app because it covers mostly the New Testament with a touch of the new testament. The app also comes with other versions of the bible like the KJV, ESV and NAS. With this app, you also listen to various famous Christian personalities, answer different questions about the bible. the app is free to download but you need to pay a little amount to get the full version of the app.

Download The Study Bible On PlayStore

Tecarta Bible

I recommend this app to every Christian out there. This app has the KJV version of the bible for free. User can also get half a dozen of Bible translation through the in-app purchase if you want a different version of the bible. the app also gives you room to highlight your favourite verses of the bible. there are also bible commentaries for you to know more about the bible. There are some little ads that appear in the app but when you purchase any version the ads will disappear immediately.

Download Tecarta Bible On PlayStore 

Please any other recommendation you have please feel free to drop your comment in the comment section. You can also share this article with your friends if you find the app very useful Thanks!!!!

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