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Setting up a custom domain on blogspot is very easy as ABC. Have you already gotten a domain from GoDaddy and you are finding it very difficult on how to configure or point the domain to your blogger platform? Well like I have said easier configuring or point a custom domain to a blogger or Blogspot is very simple than you think.

Today I will be sharing a step by step guide on how to configure or point a domain to a blogspot blog. Without wasting much of your time let go straight to the point why we are here. I believe you have already purchased your domain name already and if you have not done so you can visit to make your own request. You can get a custom domain name for as low 12USD depending on the domain extension you want.

As well know that creating a blog on blogger is very easy, it very easy than creating a Facebook account. However, by default when we create a blog on blogger we are been given a URL link with it extension like which is free.

Please before choosing a domain please be mindful of the registrar you are buying your domain from. Because not every register has a DNS manager, DNS manager is very important especially if you are on blogspot blog. That why I always recommend Godaddy, Namecheap, Guarantor, please note that there are much registrar companies other there that also provide this free DNS manager but these are the few I can mention.

Basic Requirement Needed for Pointing A Custom Domain to A Blogger or Blogspot Blog

Here are some few instructions to follow before proceeding with this tutorial to avoid further delay or unnecessary difficulty that will set you back.

  • First get your custom domain ready, It not difficult to buy a domain on Godaddy.
  • Make sure you have your blogger account ready.
  • Your Godaddy account should be ready as well.
  • And lastly, make sure you have a stable internet connection which is very important.

Step by Step on how to setup custom domain name to your blogger blog

I believe you have followed the instructions I stated above, well if you have done that kudus to you. Once you are done with that you have to login into your blogger dashboard and your Godaddy account. Please, I will advise you using different tabs for both accounts. You can use a browser that supports opening different tabs like Google Chrome, Firefox.

First, go the Godaddy account and place your cursor to your account name and click on Manage My Domains.


Then under the Manage My Domains options, move your cursor to the gear icon and click on the icon you will see a drop menu option stating Domain Settings and Manage DNS, click on the Manage DNS.

domain 2

Go through Under Records and click on Add


Under Type options Select CNAME


Now go your Blogger Dashboard

domIN4 1


Click on Settings scroll down to PUBLISHING. Look for Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog and click on it and insert your custom domain name URL and SAVE. Note URL should be in and not

Once you save you will see a notification saying: We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 9.

Under the error text you find something like this, and copy the text under Name, label, destination or Point to Field.


Go back to your GoDaddy dashboard and paste the text you have copied in the point box and save. Now go back to your Blogspot dashboard and save.


You will see a notification saying successfully saved. Now you have your blog on a custom domain.

If you find this step difficult please make use of our contact us page or comment on the comment box and we will get back shortly. THANKS!!

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