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Most people that smoke are aware of the numerous health risk of smoking cigarettes or tobacco, but that doesn’t make easier to quit this habit of smoking. Its is said that smoking as remains one of the leading causes of preventable death and disease in the united states and in some African countries.

Quitting smoking is not a one-day job that happens in a day, you need the determination to stop the habit of smoking. In this article, I will be sharing with you the best android apps to help you quit this habit. Here are the apps below.

  • Smoke-Free
  • Quit Now
  • Get Rich or Die Smoking
  • Quit Tracker
  • Stop Smoking: EasyQuit
  • Drop It! Quit Smoking
  • Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer
  • Smoke Money
  • Craving to Quit
  • Flamy

Download the Best 10 smoking Quitting apps


Smoke-Free is a very good app that can help you quit smoking. This app has a very clear and simple layout, which shows all the data or information you need to see frequently to keep you more motivated. This app helps you to keeps the records of cigarettes you have avoided, the number of smoke-free seconds, how much life you have regained and it also calculates your yearly savings.

The Smoke App uses data to tell you how much of non-smoker you have become, using different bodily parameters like Nicotine ingestion, Oxygen levels, pulse, breathing, energy levels and so on. There are also different mission you have to accomplish each day with a personalized GIF image to keep you motivated. The app is free for download with some in-app purchases if you want to be motivated more.

Download Smoke-Free App

Quit Now

This app presents all the information you need in a very simple layout, which makes it very easy to navigate. On the dashboard, you will get some unique details on the very day you that this process and the exact time and seconds. This app also offers you a platform whereby you can chat with other people like you who are willing to quit smoking. You can share your feeling or challenges you are trying to cope with, and even reply to someone else comment. You have a Twitter-like Mentions tab which shows if a person likes or mention you on their comment. You will have an achievement that will be awarded to you whenever you achieve a certain goal which also shows you how many health gains you have gain in percentage.

The app has a free version which offers a limited feature which should be good enough for most people but if you want to be more motivated then you need the paid version. The paid version costs little, you can get the pro version at the rate of $3.95.

Download Quit Now Free Here and The Pro Version Here

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Get Rich or Die smoking app is a very good app that offers you with a great deal of worldly experience system on how to quit smoking and things you can buy as an ex-smoker. The health section of the app shows you the positive aspect of your health which begins immediately after your last cigarette. You can unlock achievements the more you try to resist smoking. The app is free of charge

Download Get Rich or Die Smoking

Quit Tracker

This is another popular that is recommended by those that have quit smoking. The app has a clean and easy user interface and very pleasing on the eyes. The white and red theme design provides you with all the important details which someone has to focus his or her eyes on. The quit tracker app shows the amount of time you have stop smoking and also shows you much money you have saved. The app is free with in-app purchase that cost $2.99.

Download Quit Tracker

Stop Smoking: EasyQuit

EasyQuit by Mario Hanna app may appear to look more professional but let me tell you that this is one of the best smoking quitting apps which has helped a lot of people to break the nicotine addiction. This app is different from the other apps which I have mentioned earlier, the app motivates you by sticking to the design you have made by displaying money saved, cigarettes you have not smoke since you quit smoking and also control the urge to light up. This app has the best smoking motivator which is how quitting has benefitted your health.

If you haven’t quit the habit and you are willing to quitting smoke, then you have to look up to this app. Because the EasyQuit offers a Quit Slow mode allowing you to set up a plan to curb nicotine addiction without you experiencing any instant pain, suffering or intense craving

Download EasyQuit

Drop It! Quit Smoking

This is one of the best quit smoking apps that is design to assist you to stop this bad habit. The app gives you the most important data you need to know like the number of cigarettes you have avoided, the amount of money you have saved. This app shows your health details in bars which is very pleasing to the eyes compared to the other overly-detailed presentations of the formal ones. This app is very good especially if you want something simple.

Download Drop It

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer is quite different from other smoking apps which allows you to track the timeline ever since you quit smoking, unlike the Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer app it gradually helps you to quit the habit of smoking. This app asks you a different question about your smoking history which will then give a 21-day regime to help you quit this habit. You will need to complete 4 tasks; which are a daily challenge, reflection into your habit, answer questions about your smoking addiction, and a review of the day.

This app gives you relaxation techniques and mini-games to keep from picking up a cigarette again, especially if your craving as gone so high.

Download Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

Smoke Money

Smoke Money is a very good app that helps to quit smoking in no time especially if your biggest motivation is money then this app is for you. The app does not have many features like the other, the only thing you can find here is the total sum of money you have saved since you quit smoking. What you have to do is input the date you plan to quit smoking, the number of cigarette packs you smoke each day and the cost of packs in your country.

The app then calculates the amount you have saved. The smoke money app gives you info about your previous attempt to quit and also allows you to reset the attempt at anytime you wish to. So if money is your biggest motivation to quit smoking then this app is best for you.

Download Smoke Money

Craving to Quit

This app is slightly different from the other apps we have reviewed before but has a very effective way to help you quit smoking. This app offers a 21-day program which is on based on a smoking cessation program that was designed and tested by Yale University.

The app has a video and audio tutorials that require you to watch or listen each day coupled with a meditation cigarettes tracker as well as daily achievements. This app offers a monthly subscription of $24.99 but you also have a 3day free trial on your first download.

Download Craving to Quit


The flamy app is one of the most well-developed apps rich in features, the app helps an individual that is heavily addicted to smoking. The app gives an option to choose between two programs which is a free 14 days challenge and a paid one to give the opportunity to give up the habit slowly.

One of the most important features of this device is that it gives room to challenge a friend to stay up to your goal.

Download Flamy

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