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Are you looking for some genuine apps that provide a free-to-watch TV for your android device without the need for an internet connection?  Then you have finally landed on the right page because I have prepared a list of the best no internet TV apps.

how to watch tv for free without internet

Note that all the applications that will be listed in this article require a mobile TV tuner that will stand as an antenna. This external antenna device will give you access to receive free live broadcasts. So, without wasting time let’s dive into the best android apps that do not require an internet connection.


The first on the list is PadTV HD; PadTV allows users to easily access a local broadcasting channel at any time from any location without the use of an internet connection. To enjoy the best of this app your android device should have at least a dual-core processor that clocks at speed of 1GHz that runs on Android 4.1 or higher.

This app is available on the Google play store and is also compatible with an external TV tuner.

Download this app from the Google Play Store by clicking on this link here.


Air DTV is an excellent app that provides quality broadcasting shows, with this app I can confidently tell you that you enjoy many beautiful channels that you can choose and scan.

This app has amazing features like recording, subtitles, High definition support, and other features. To use this app effectively your android device must be a Quad-Core processor and a mobile TV tuner for you to be able to watch live TV shows without an Internet connection.

Download this App here.

iDTV Mobile TV

When it comes to a portable mobile TV for an Android device, look no further than iDTV Mobile TV. iDTV Mobile TV, like the other apps on our list, has superb visual quality. To view a live TV show, you don’t need an internet connection; all you need is the iDTV Mobile TV app and an external antenna.

You should use a smartphone with an Android version of 4.0.3 or higher and a dual-core processor to run this app smoothly.

Download iDTV Mobile TV here     


TDT HD TV allows you to watch a free-to-air TV show from anywhere you are around the world without using your airtime or having to connect to a 3G/4G LTE network. This application also has advanced features like View EPG to check for the TV Program Guide and many more features that may not be available in other apps.

To run this app your android device must be equipped with a minimum of android 4.1 or higher that has a 1 GHz Dual Core processor or higher.

Get the app now.


WiTV is an easy-to-use portable tuner application that gives users the opportunity to watch a live broadcast without using a 3G or 4G LTE internet connection. This app comes with many high-quality TV channels. Channels on this platform range from cartoons, music, and news, to religion.

You can download this app at this link.

HomeFree TV

Last but not the least, HomeFree TV is an app that is specially AVerMedia tuner users, this app has over 1,000+ downloads as of the time this article was written.

This platform features MPEG-2 & H.264 that allows you to watch quality and clear videos, yes you still have the advantage of watching any TV program without the use of an internet connection.

It has a clean and straightforward user interface. Download HomeFree TV here.

I have finally come to an end of the best no internet TV app that allows you to watch and enjoy interesting TV shows of your choice. Each of the apps we have listed has its own special features it is left for you to select the one that will of best for you.

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