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Are you searching for the best NFT marketplaces where you can sell your art or design work? If Yes, you have landed on the right page. On this page, I will be telling about the different nft marketplaces where you can sell your artwork as an artist. So let’s get started;

So, before I get into the meat of the day, let me explain what NFT stands for. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. The word Fungible means replaceable by another identical item while Token refers to symbols, substances, or goods and services. As a result, we can confidently state that NFT is an unchangeable material or substance.

According to Investopedia, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets that are stored on a blockchain and have unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from one another.

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other coins that can be replaced or exchanged, NFTs cannot be exchanged or replaced for other NFTs. Instead, you buy or sell an NFT.

In this article, I will talk about different marketplaces where you can buy and sell your NFTs. So if you have just started creating NFTs and you are wondering where you can sell your NFT art. You don’t have to worry because I will be overviewing different marketplaces platform where you can sell your nfts.

List of the 8 Best NFT platforms where you Buy and Sell Your NFTs



Rarible is a well-known marketplace where you can sell single works of art as well as collections. The Rarible website has a well-optimized user interface that allows users to mint and trade their NFTs arts with ease. This platform also comes with its cryptocurrency called RARI.

Rarible currently supports five various blockchain networks; Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Tezos. According to Rarible, they are planning to add more blockchains later in the future, which I find interesting.

How Rarible works are very super simple, all you have to do is to just connect your wallet to Rarible and then you can create your listing as well. Note that when you list NFT on Rarible, it will automatically be added to OpenSea, another NFT marketplace I am also going to talk about.

On the Rarible platform, you will have to pay a transaction fee, when you mint your NFT and when you are going to buy NFTs you will have to pay the transaction fees both times. To increase the attraction of your NFT artwork to the buyer, you may occasionally choose to pay the entire transaction charge.

The pricing for NFT on this platform works on the Ethereum blockchain, so make sure your wallet should be Ethereum if you are going to use the Rarible platform. So Rarible is an amazing platform to start selling your NFTs as a beginner or expert. You can visit their website for more info.


OpenSea is another world’s largest marketplaces to sell or buy NFTs and amazingly it was one of the very first marketplaces that were created for buying and selling NFTs. This platform is an open source that has a wide range of NFTs categories which are art collections, Virtual World, domain names, Trading cards, Collectibles, Music, Photography, Sports, and Utility. This platform has a clean and easy user interface just like Rarible. The interesting part of this platform is that you can mint your NFTs and start selling almost immediately without passing any reviewing process.

So, to sell NFTs on Opensea, all you have to do is connect your wallet, any wallet at all, and once your wallet is connected, you will be able to create your own NFTs. The minting process is very simple, it will take you up to one minute to mint your NFT on OpenSea. And when it comes to buying NFTs it’s pretty amazing because OpenSea has almost all categories you may be interested in.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this platform is the gas fees. Supposing you are selling an item for the first time, you will have to pay two types of transaction fees. The first fees will be used to initialize your account to enable sale orders and to allow OpenSea to access your NFTs item. While the second fee occurs only when minting your NFT via a smart contract rather than the OpenSea platform.

While the biggest advantage is after paying all these fees, you as the seller won’t have to pay any minting fees again. You can mint and list as many NFTs art as you like without paying any more. But as a seller, you have three listing options which are fixed price, declining listing price, and auctions. If you sell your NFTs artwork at a fixed price, the buyer will have to pay for the gas fees when a sale occurs. But when you are away from the fixed price you as the seller will have to pay for the gas fees.

3. Nifty

The next on the list is Nifty Gateway, Nifty Gateway is a bit different from Rarible and OpenSea because it is not an open source. It is rather an art platform that allows users to buy and sell art NFTs. Nifty Gateway has very strict terms when it comes to minting or publishing your artwork because it allows only a very selective or famous artist to create or mint their nfts. That is why they are super professional but if you are a good or very creative artist then you can check this platform to take your artwork to the next level.

So, when it comes to minting Nifty Gateway places a 5% commission fee for every sale that happens. One of the beautiful features of Nifty is that pricing is in USD, and Sellers or artists can also set their royalties for secondary sales.

If you are into arts or art nfts like myself, then I think you should check out Nifty I will look into them as well.

4. is another famous marketplace for nfts arts, unlike the NFTs marketplaces I have mentioned above. is an invite-only NFT marketplace website meaning you can only be a member only when an already established creator invites you on the platform. Or to make it more understandable, only good and famous artist can put up their artwork on but if you are confident enough or you feel you have good art collections then you can try your luck on

The good thing about this platform is that your nfts art can be sold on Rarible and OpenSea making your work reach a wider audience. You also receive a 10% royalty for each secondary sale you made. Foundation also charges you a 15% commission rate for each sale. The only discouraging thing I found on this platform is that it is not as popular as other NFT marketplaces.

When you take a look at Foundation, you will notice that nfts are sold for thousands of dollars and the art collection on the platform is very professional. So, if you are an artist and you can create an amazing piece or collection of art then you check out for Because you will get a very good value for your arts.


Here’s another fantastic NFTs art platform where creators can sell their work. This website has amazing categories like artwork, movies, and 3D models, buyers can only use Ethereum to purchase any artwork of their choice. That is because SuperRare is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

I found it discouraging that only 1% of artist applications are approved, though it is a wonderful nft marketplace I believe you should check out. The platform also charges a 15% commission fee for each sale, while the buyer will also have to pay a 3% transaction fee.

6. Mintable.App

Mintable is an open marketplace just Opensea and Rarible that is backed by the billionaire Mark Cuban. This platform allows artists to create all kinds of NFTs arts ranging from photography to musicians who want to take their work to the digital world. To use Mintable is pretty simple and easy, all you need is to have access to Ethereum. If you don’t have one buy it from any crypto exchanger you know like Binance.

Once, you have this intact, all you need is to connect your wallet to Mintable to be able to place the art or make purchases on the platform. The interesting part is you don’t have to go through an approval process to place your NFT art.

When compared to other NFTs Marketplace, Mintable has one of the lowest amounts of activities. Meaning that there is a high chance that your NFT’s digital work might not be profitable. But you can give them a try if you are just starting with NFTs.


LooksRare is a well-known NFT marketplace that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. LooksRare has three amazing features I think you should know about, One, LooksRare rewards its users for buying and selling NFTs which is good to know. This platform will not only pay you in Ethereum when you sell your NFTs but you will also get an extra LOOKS token as your reward. This is really cool, right? You can take this LOOKS token and stake it at a high-interest rate.

One very important thing I think you should know about this platform is that you cannot mint your art NFT, you will have to mint your NFT on another NFT marketplace website and then list it on LooksRare. You can try to check them out if you are interested in selling or buying art NFTs.

8. Digital Eyes

The next platform on the list is Digital Eyes. Digital Eyes is a Solana NFT marketplace that is pretty different from the other previous NFT marketplaces that run on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform is an open marketplace for Solana and one of the very first marketplaces that have been created for Solana NFTs.

Digital Eyes provide users or creators with reliable features. So that the users can sell or buy NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The platform also features some verified NFT art collections and collections are very famous which is an advantage to the seller. Because as a seller you will be able to sell your art within minutes if you have a very good and professional art nft because the marketplace is very big.

So, to have your NFTs on Digital Eyes all you have to do is to go to the solo option, and there you can create your own NFTs. You also go to the explore menu where you will be able to find different NFTs categories and the sell option allows the artist to sell their art NFTs and also create their listing on the platform. You have to connect your wallet that has the Solana token in it.


Thank you for reading this far. This concludes this article. So, if you’re looking for the best NFT Marketplaces to sell your NFT art, I’ve listed 8 different nft marketplaces for you to check out. If you found this article useful, please show us some love by sharing it with your friends via the social buttons below.

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