How to view save password

At times you may want to login to a particular website using a different browser but unfortunately, we tend to forget our password. Well if you have allowed chrome to save or autofill, you don’t have to worry about requesting a new password because you can easily get your password without stress.

This post will guide you on how you can recover your saved password in chrome using window 7,8,10, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Below are the following steps on how you can view your saved password on the Google Chrome browser;

  • First thing first, open the google chrome browser on your device, locate the three-dotted vertical line at the top right corner of the browser. A drop-down menu will appear, locate Settings and click on it.View Password google chrome
  • Now the Setting screen, scroll a bit to the Autofill section, under the Autofill you will find Passwords, click on the Passwords.
  • You are now on the Passwords screen, you will see all your saved password arrange vertically for you. Each entry as a website name, username and a password. Now to make the password visible by clicking on the Eye Icon.View Password google chrome
  • If you are on Windows or macOS you will be asked to input your user account details before the password can be displayed. Simply type in your username and password for your computer, click on OK.Google chrome
  • Immediately you click on OK, the password will appear

That is all, please try to memorize the password and please avoid pasting the password on a sticky note. But if you usually have issues in remembering your passwords, maybe you can try password manger.

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