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Blogger popularly known as BlogSpot is a publishing site that is owned by Google that provides free blogging tools. Google Blogger platform allows you to make changes to their blog designs like changing of themes to your desire choice. You can download premium blogger templates from this site or

In this article, I will show you the steps to follow on how you can install or upload a Blogspot template. But before you install a template on your blogger site you need to be careful on sites you download free blogger template because some site might contain a virus, malware or spamming links that can harm your blog.

For easy and successful installation, the template must be in this .xml format [news.xml] that is the format which is compatible with a Blogspot blog. So, take note of the templates that you have to download because must site you download a blogger template from comes with .xml file while others come with a .rar file or .zip file which you have to extract before uploading it on your blogger site. If you should upload the zip file directly you a get a template error upload. Let get into the installation process, but I before I start with the installation process you need to back up your old template which is very important. Here is how to go about that.

How to Back Up a Blogger/Blogspot Theme

  • Sign in to blogger dashboard
  • At the left side click on Theme
  • Click on Backup/Restore button
  • A popup feature will appear, click on [Download full template]
  • And Save

Step by step guide on how to upload a New Blogger Template

I believe you have the .xml template file you want to upload on your blogger site. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Sign in to blogger dashboard
  • At the left side of the dashboard click on ThemeHow to Upload a Template on Your Blogger
  • Click on Backup/Restore button you will find that at the right side of your screenStep by step guide on how to upload a New Blogger Template
  • A screen will pop up
  • Click on Choose File. And select the theme you want to uploadblogger template
  • Click on Upload to upload the file.

 This how-to extract a zip file

  • Right, Click on the file you want to extract and select Extract All.
  • Go to the extracted file folder
  • You will find the XML theme file

That all

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