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Jumia Ghana is one of Ghana’s and West Africa’s largest internet stores and has its branches in almost every African country.

With the internet becoming more popular this day, many Ghanaians are adopting the practice of purchasing goods online. Meanwhile, some Ghanaian retail sellers have seen this as an advantage and have taken good use of it by creating their own e-commerce site but due to the cost of setting up an e-commerce website and making it relevant as well many Ghanaians have opted in sell their products on existing e-commerce site likes Jumia, Jiji, Tonaton etc.

This article will guide you through how to sell your products on Jumia to earn more extra income. Let’s get started;

How do I become a vendor/seller in Jumia Ghana?

To become a seller or vendor on Jumia Ghana all you have to do is to follow the registration process carefully and here is how the registration process is been done on Jumia.

  • First, go to the Jumia seller centre
  • Enter your personal details coupled with your business name.
  • Fill in your business information.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • On the summary page, review and confirm your information.
  • Finally, Confirm your Jumia Seller account via email

Let’s take a breakdown down of what is above so you can understand this properly.

First, go to the Jumia seller centre

You can visit sellercenter.jumia.com.gh here or you google search directly on your pc or your mobile phone. Click on the signup button directly below the login form once you’ve successfully navigated to the page. Then you will now be taken to a page where you have fill in your information.

Enter your Personal Details Couple With your Business Name

On the first page of the registration window, fill in the required information asked.

The required information includes your full name – First name and last name, phone number, the name you want to use for your Jumia shop – your business name, your WhatsApp number or any other phone number, and the email address of the person who introduced you.

  • Enter your own email address (and make sure it’s not already in use by another seller account)
  • To confirm, retype the email address. Next fill in a secure password of your choice. To be sure, type in the password again.
  • Tick the box that says I’ve read and agree to the privacy policy.
  • Continue by pressing the enter key.

Fill in your business information

In this section, you are required to provide accurate information about your business, For example, a limited liability company or a public firm.

  • Select a Business type (Limited Liability Company, Public Company or others).
  • Enter your Address.
  • Followed by your city (Accra), Country (Ghana) and Zip or Postal code (00233).
  • Next, enter your business registration number.
  • Upload your Business registration documents as PDf or JPEG (if need be)
  • Now enter your TIN details. (Tax Identification Number).
  • Enter other information and click on the continue button.

Enter Your Payment Details

To receive all payments, you must provide valid payment information to avoid stories that touch lol.

  • Select your preferred business method e.g. (MTN Mobile money, Account Number of your local bank or a Payoneer account)
  • Type in the account holder name’s info in the space provided.
  • Enter your bank IBAN or Swift code (you can contact your bank for that info).
  • Click on the continue button to finalize this stage.

Review and confirm your information

This page is a summary of your registration; you must review the information you supplied to ensure that it is right. If not follow the below step;

  • Click on the edit if you identify any errors with the data you’ve provided so far.
  • Click on the start selling button to start selling your product.

Finally, Confirm your Jumia Seller account via email

After you have completed the registration process, Jumia Ghana will send you an activation link to your email inbox, click on the link to activate your Jumia sellers account. By doing this you have successfully registered to sell your products on Jumia Ghana.

Note: Jumia does not allow all things to be sold on their platform. The following items are prohibited from being sold on Jumia:

  • Adult toys (Sex toys)
  • Explosives
  • Copyright-infringed works
  • Health-related items
  • Live plants and animals
  • Nude images
  • Weapons


Jumia makes selling a little easier than other platforms because it does not charge its customers ahead. Why because Jumia operates on a revenue-sharing model, in which you share your income with them in exchange for a commission.

Furthermore, the approval process for new consumers is manual and might take a long time.

If your approval takes longer than 3 days or you have trouble registering, you can call Jumia’s customer service via this number.

0302740646 or send them an email at [email protected]

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