iPhone x does not come with a home button, which makes it difficult for some people to take screenshot pictures with it. But not worry at all here is how to take a screenshot on an iPhone X.

Here is how to take a screenshot on iPhone X

Taking a screenshot picture on iPhone X still requires using a button. But we know that the home button on iPhone X is missing, the home button is replaced by the Up-Volume button at the side of the phone. To take a screenshot picture to follow these steps below to screenshot on iPhone X

Method 1: Using the Volume Button

  • Open the app or document you love to snapshot
  • Make sure you set up everything you would like to shot
  • since we don’t have a home button on iPhone X, the option is to locate the up-volume button at the side of the phone, we can find the volume button at the left top side of your phone press and release the side button and the volume button at the same time.
  • You will notice a flash on the screen and then your screenshot will appear at the left-hand corner of your phone.

Method 2: using AssistiveTouch to Screenshot

If you find it difficult taking screenshot pictures with the buttons option of your iPhone X, you don’t have to worry at all because there is another alternative method to use which is the AssistiveTouch. Follow these steps to get started

  • Go to Settings>>> General>>> Accessibility >>> AssisstiveTouch on your phone.
  • Switch on the AssistiveTouch and tap on Customize Top Level Menu.
  • To customize you have to tap on the existing icon display to change it into Screenshot or click on the Plus Sign +  to add a Screenshot icon
  • Finally, go to the screen you want to screenshot on your phone and then tap on the AssistiveTouch button and then tap on Screenshot. Your screenshot is now successfully taken.

iphone x assistivetouch 1 720x720assistivetouch 3 720x720assistivetouch 6 720x720

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However, you can screenshot by double tapping or long press with the AssistiveTouch Option. Example go to settings > general >> accessibility >> AssistiveTouch then select the Double-Tap or Long Press option.

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