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On this page, we shall be looking at the steps involved in clearing a cache on your android devices. To some of you that don’t understand what a cache is. A cache is a hardware or software component that stores data on your android device by a website or mobile applications. So that when visiting that site or app again the information to that app or website is already available.

I believe you know what a cache is all about. Almost all website and apps make use of cache and that is one of the reasons why many apps on your phone keep crashing all over and over again. For example, when you are using an app and it stops or notify you that Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working or any app at all, that means that you need to clear cache.

Most of the frequent questions I get is; Is it OK to clear cache on Android Phones. Yes, it is very ok to clear a cache on Android Phones. Because clearing of cache helps you have more storage or memory space on your phone. Its also helps in clearing corrupted cache files that can also corrupt an app on your phone. Don’t panic at all clearing of cache will not uninstall or delete any app on your device. Let go into the steps now.

Step by Step on how to Clear Cache on Android phone

  • Go the phone settings of the phonesettings
  • Scroll down to storage and tap on itHow to clear cache
  • Click on Internal Storage or External Storage storage
  • Next tap on Other Apps or Apps clear cache
  • Tap on the applications you wish to clear the cache. I will pick facebookclear cache
  • Now Tap on clear cache how to clear
  • That all

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