GTBank ATM Card

Have you misplaced your GTBank ATM card or it has been stolen? This article will show you a different way in which you can quickly block your ATM card if stolen or missing.GTBank ATM Card

Why is it important to block your ATM card immediately after lost?

These days scammers are every seeking for money they didn’t work for, so once they get hold of your debit or credit card, they tend to wipe out all the hard-earned money you have earned even without them knowing your PIN. Some we ask how? But that is the simple truth. For some that used to patronize some online stores where you are required to use your ATM card to make a payment, you notice that they will only ask for your card number, card name and the three-digit CVV number located at the back of the card. It only a few websites that require your PIN to confirm the ownership of the card.

How to block GTBank ATM Card?

To block your GTBank ATM card just simply type HOTLIST (NUBAN Account Number) and send it to 08076665555 as a text message.

Example: assuming your account is 3029433513, type HOTLIST 3029433513 as a text message and send it to this number 08076665555.

GTBank Short Code to Block your ATM card.

To block your card simply dial *737*51*10# from the registered mobile number. i.e. the number you used in registering for GTBank account.

You will receive a notification telling you to enter NUBAN number which is GTBank account. Once you have entered that, you will receive another notification telling to press 1 to confirm if you want your card to be hot listed.

Press 1 and send, your credit card will be on hotlist.

How to block GTBank ATM Card using internet banking?

  • Log in to your internet banking account
  • Click on cards>> Select Holist>>> Select Card>>> type in your card details and the reason why you want your card blocked>>> Submit and wait for your card to be blocked.

Other Alternative Method

You can contact GTB customer care if you don’t want to go to the bank

  • +23414480000, 08029002900 or 08039003900

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