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In these modern days, people have realized that shopping online is the best way to make shopping because it reduces stress and also gives you time to shop the best. Online Shopping can be sometimes cheaper than the normal retail stores we used to know.

In this article, you learn how to cancel orders on Jumia, Konga or AliExpress depending on your chosen E-Commerce store. Maybe you placed a wrong order that is not your choice or you have changed your mind on the particular product you ordered and you want to cancel that order and you don’t how to go about that don’t have to worry just follow the guidelines below;

How to Cancel Orders on Jumia

Jumia is one of the biggest and reliable e-commerce stores in Africa. Sometimes we make orders online and later tend out that we don’t really need that particular product. So, if you find yourself in this problem what can you do? The best way to rectify this problem is to call the Jumia customer care service using this Number (0-700-6000-000) or click on the product on the jumia dashboard to cancel the order.

The reason why the call option is the best option is that most cases the ordered goods have already been shipped and is on its way to the pickup location. So, when you call the customer care service will do everything possible to stop the delivery and to refund back your money in case you paid online.

How can I Cancel Orders on Konga?

When it comes to e-commerce websites in Nigeria, Konga is another popular and famous online retail store in Nigeria after Jumia. This website has almost everything you wish to buy like clotting, phones, foods, computers, baby products and so on.

Here is how to cancel orders on Konga

  • First logon to the Konga website
  • Next, navigate to My Orders
  • Now click on the cancel button next to the product you ordered.

How to Cancel Order On AliExpress

AliExpress is another e-commerce site that is widely used in Nigeria because of its affordable goods that can be found on the Chinese e-commerce store. So, have you placed an order on AliExpress and you want to cancel the order due to some reason. And you don’t know how to do that don’t worry just follow the instructions below.

But before we proceed to the cancellation process, please do know that the seller does not process the shipping immediately when you placed an order. Because AliExpress give the seller about 7 business working day to do that. I advised you to cancel the order before the product is shipped.

To cancel orders on AliExpress

  • Enter the AliExpress website
  • Navigate to the My Orders section
  • Click on Cancel Order
  • Finally, click on the request order cancellation

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