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Windows has given us the simplicity of its user interface and they are still working more on it on how it can be simple and easy for its users. We have different reasons why we may want to hide our icons for some common reasons may be that you have a presentation you want to present and you don’t want other people to see want is on your screen which is a good idea. You may also have other reasons which are best known to you, that ok. On this page, I will show you all the steps involved on how to hide and unhide icons and files on your laptop or desktop in window 7. Let get startedHow to Hide Desktop Icons on Window 7

How to Hide Desktop Icons on Window 7

To hide an icon on window 7 is very simple and easy. Here are the steps below

  • On your desktop screen Right Click on the screenHow to Hide Desktop Icons on Window 7
  • A popup notification will appear, then move your mouse cursor to VIEWWindow 7
  • Scroll down and select SHOW DESKTOP ICON and
  • Immediately the icons will disappear.

How to Unhide icons on window 7

  • On your desktop screen, Right Click
  • A popup notification will appear just like the first steps above, move the mouse pointer to the VIEW drop up
  • And scroll down to SHOW DESKTOP ICON and select
  • The icons will appear immediately.

How to hide a particular Folder or File on Window 7

  • Right Click on the particular file or folder you want to hideHide Desktop Icons on Window 7
  • A popup screen will appear, scroll down to Properties and click on itHow to Hide Desktop Icons on Window 7
  • On the General options look for an option called HIDDEN.
  • Then Click on OK to save your changes.

But if the folder or file still appears visible don’t worry just follow these steps below.

  • Open your File Explorer (Win + E)How to Hide Desktop Icons on Window 7
  • At the top right corner Click on the Organize dropdownWindow 7
  • Stroll down to Folder and search option click on it
  • On the tab, options click on VIEWHow to Hide Desktop Icons
  • Click on the option that says Don’t show hidden files, folder or drives
  • Finally, click on Apply and then OK to save your changes

How to Unhide a Folder

To make a folder visible on your desktop computer please follow these instructions very carefully

  • Open your file explorer (Shortcut Key: Win + E)
  • Click on Organize located at the top right corner of the file explorer screen
  • Scroll down to Folder and search option
  • On the next screen Click on the VIEW option
  • Use your mouse pointer to tick the option that says Show hidden files, folder or driver.

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