E16 and E32 are the most common issues we face on our Gotv platform which may be a result of expired subscription. But this error also appears on an active subscription or even after payment. If this sound familiar to you then this article guide on the most convenient way to solve this problem. Without wasting much time let me show the best options that work perfectly and easy for me.

Gotv self Service: How to Clear E016 or E32 Error Messages on Your Gotv

Method 1: Get a mobile phone

  • On your Mobile phone Send Reset IUC to 4688 as SMS i.e. (Reset 460877777733 to 4688)
  • Wait for a few minutes, make sure that during this process your decoder is switched ON

Method 2: Internet Service

  • Get an internet-connected device and click Here
  • Click on Easy self-service at the top menu of the website and;
  • Click on fix ErrorsGotv
  • Enter your IUC Number and select GOTVE16 or E32
  • Enter the captcha text
  • And click on the fix error button
  • That all you are good to go

How to Clear E48-32 Error Message on Your Gotv

  • Check whether your antenna is connected properly, if not connect it properly
  • Next, tap on the OK to see the signal information
  • Press the Menu button of your remote, scroll down to the Advanced Options and Click on Installation then click on automatic scan
  • Wait patiently till the scan is completed

If after all, the error still appears you can contact the Gotv customer care on Facebook or Twitter. You can also contact the customer using these numbers: 08039003788, 07080630333, 09090630333, 08149860333, 08113630333, 08003788266, these numbers are free to call.

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