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Over the years Google AdSense has been one of the best contextual ad networks no matter how many AdSense alternatives out there. AdSense is one of the best and high paying ad networks for any blogger that is using the network.

AdSense has been very strict on their TOS, which means that there is a certain step you need to put in place in order not to violate AdSense rules or policies. We all that getting AdSense approval these days is not easy at all, so there are many things you need to do to keep your AdSense account active.

Most AdSense publishers are aware of its policies but yet many get their account banned from the program due to abuse of Google AdSense policies whether intentionally or not. There are simple mistakes you need to know and how you can avoid them.

  • Understand Google AdSense Terms and Conditions: Google really frown at self-clicking and many publishers knows that, but yet they will still ask their friends to click on their ads or to click on the ads from a different IP address. If the AdSense team detect such act they are going to disable your ads to protect their advertisers.
  • Don’t use AdSense on an unsupported language: Google has some specific language that is qualified to run an AdSense program. Click on the link to check the list of language that is supported by Google.
  • Stop Sending Ads to email
  • Don’t encourage ads clicks e.g. click here google frown at that too.
  • There are many contextual advertisement programs that don’t comply with Adsense policies. So, before you use any make sure that it complies with AdSense terms.
  • Don’t copy and pastes other people content to your site: try to write a blog post yourself or better still hire someone to write for you.
  • Stop linking illegal and copyright content to your blog just because you want to have higher Domain Authority. Here are some illegal content AdSense don’t like
    • Adult Content Like (Porn)
    • Violent or hate content
    • Copyright or pirated materials
    • Hacking or Cracking of software
    • Gambling or Betting content
    • Drugs or Alcohol-related materials
    • Blogs that encourage selling of Weapons and ammunitions and many more click here to see more.

Here are few tips to find whether you Have a copyright material on your blog that violates google AdSense rules

To find which copyright material you have on your blog, Simply input these keywords on your browser URL space: ( Site:your blog url/dvdrip, Site:your blog url/streaming, or Site:your blog url/watch free)

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