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How to Come up with a good Domain Name for Your Website

Do you have a great desire or idea for an online business? The next step is having a good domain name but choosing a good name at times can be frustrating especially if the domain name you have decided to use has been chosen by someone else. Note that selecting the right name for your website can be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Tips to Consider before choosing a good domain name.

  • First, check whether the domain name is available or not. you can use the following site to check for the availability of your domain name  Godaddy, NameCheap, Q servers
  • Keep domain short and easy to remember.
  • Consider using a dot Com domain because most people or an average person thinks of a dot COM domain first.
  • Make sure you check for the availability of the domain you are considering to use before naming your blog or website.
  • Use a keyword that is related to your business brand.
  • Avoid using symbols or numbers for your domain name (, because these could lead to confusion when you ask someone to visit your website or blog.
  • Avoid using nicknames or confusing words like instead of you see that this can confuse someone.

Tactics in finding a good domain name.

If you notice that your domain is not available here are few technics that can help to get a brand-new and a perfect domain name for your website.

  • Search for Instant Domain Search on Google.
  • Click on the result you see on the screen
  • Enter the search box and type the domain keyword of your choice and click on the search symbol
  •  You will then see some available domain names you can select one of your choices.
  • If there is no available domain do not worry because we have other option you use for finding a perfect domain name.
Bust a Name

Boost a Name helps to combine names or words together to give a perfect name.

  • Enter
  • You will see a two-start box on your screen
  • Type in your domain key on Quick Domain Check
  • And save or buy your desired domain.
  • Then select the domain name extension weather a dot Com, dot Net or dot Org to check for the availability.
  • Once you click on the buy button it will take you to Godaddy page website put in the domain name you have chosen.
  • Note that this software may not be 100% correct at times.

Other Best websites to generate a good domain name

  1. Shopify
  2. NameMesh
  3. Lean domain search
  4. Nameboy
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