Faceapp is a Russian App that was launched two years ago, just these few days the app has gone viral with celebrities also joining the FaceApp challenge that allows you to change your photos from young to old. This App uses an Al-based facing mapping technique that transforms a photo of how a person will look like when they get old.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is an App that is programmed to filter or transform pictures from Young to old or from old to young.

How to download the FaceApp

The App comes in two different versions the free and the PRO version, the Free version has limited access to filter AGE and so on. For download the app is available on both apple ios and google play store, all you have to do is to search for the app keyword i.e FaceApp on the search space to get the app on your device.

How to use the App

  • Once you have installed the app open and Grant all necessary permissions e.g. access to the camera
  • Next tap on the camera icon to take a new picture or click tap on the Gallery icon to have access to your pictures from the gallery options.
  • Select the photo of your choice and wait for it to load
  • Once the picture has been processed there will be many different filter options that will come up, just go to the AGE section and tap on OLD to transform your photo.

There are also different filter options such as smileys, impressions, young and many more

App Privacy Policy

The FaceApp developers have stated clearly on their privacy policy that they may share your content e.g. your photos, locations data, log files, names with business that are legally affiliated to them. so if you are a privacy concern person, you can consider not using the app

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