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It is very important to have a subtitle file especially when watching a movie in a foreign language, it only does not help you understand what is been said in the movie but also helps you understand some foreign words. So here in this post I will share the 10 best websites to download subtitle videos for free, note there are thousands of sites on the web where you find or download subtitles for free but these are the site, I find interesting and I believe you will also find these sites very interesting too.

List of websites to download subtitles for free

YIFY Subtitles

This is one of my best websites where I download subtitles. This site comes with a wide range of subtitles in multiples languages; it’s as about 38 different language options to choose a subtitle from. The website has a friendly user interface that allows users to navigate easily to any subtitle file.

The front page of this site is packed with the latest subtitles movies, all you have to do is to select a movie of your choice and scroll a bit to download your native language subtitle. You don’t have to sign up for any registration before you can download any subtitle of your choice.

Visit YIFY Subtitles 


TVsubs has a very easy user interface, to me I will say the TVsubs is much easier than the YIFY Subtitles website. On the homepage of this website, you will see a list of subtitles video listed at the centre of the site. The left column on the website host the language options and also a list of latest subtitles video where you can easily navigate to. While the third column at the top features the most downloaded subtitles which makes it easier for you to download.  However, you don’t have to sign up before you can download any subtitle of your choice. Before I miss this, the downloaded subtitle will be saved in a zip file so what you need to do is to unzip those files before you can watch that particular movie.

Visit TvSubs


This site has one of the simplest design layouts, you don’t have to stress yourself finding a subtitled movie to download. The most search subtitle movies are uploaded on the homepage of the site but if you can’t find the movie you are looking for on the homepage, you can make use of search bar at the top of the site, just type in the title name of that movie into the search box and the movie subtitle will be listed for you to download.

Visit Subscene 


Here is another popular website that has over 50 different collections of subtitles in different languages for you to download. The website also allows you to upload your own subtitles files if you have one, which makes it’s nice to have. But you will have to sign up to the site before you can enjoy that option and other option like the forum option.

Unlike the above mention, this site has some annoying ads which at times disrupt your downloading process. Also, especially for newbies who really don’t know how some site really works might find this site very difficult to use.

Visit Open-Subtitles 

Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker is another website that has a nice free source of subtitle for free. The website has a clean interface that makes it easy for you to download any subtitle language of your choice, it has over 20 different subtitle sources.

Please for this site I recommend you to use opera mini browser because of the pop ads that tend to pop up whenever you click on a movie subtitle to download.

Visit Subtitle Seeker


This is another popular subtitle downloader website before you can download any subtitle you will have to sign up on the site. Once you are done with the registration procedure, you can now search for the movie subtitle you want to download or scroll down to see the list of the subtitles. The homepage has a list of the most download and latest subtitles translation.

The website has an easy navigation option at the top of the site so you can decide to navigate to any options of your choice.

Visit Addic7ed


This site has over 2 million subtitles available for download with over 58,000 movies and over 6,000 series in 100 languages on their database. The website has a clean design with no ads on it, the subtitles are listed on the homepage all you have to do is to navigate to your desired subtitle if you can’t one on the homepage then use the search space at the top of the website.

Visit Podnapisi


This is one of the fast-growing sites to download subtitles for free, at Isubtitles there are thousands of subtitles that are available in multiple languages. The offers a large collection of indie movies. Unlike the other website listed above, the Isubtitles has an easy navigation system.

There is a search bar section at the top of the site that allows you to enter the name of the movie you want to download. At the right of the side, you will find the recent movies that have been uploaded. The downside of this site is that it has Ads on the page, which can sometimes distract when downloading.

Visit Isubtitiles

Among all the sites listed, this is one of the most simple and easiest sites to download movie subtitle from. The download format comes in SRT format and not in ZIP compressed files like seen on other sites. The site has a simple user interface which makes it easier for users to download with ease and there are no annoying ads that can distract while downloading. The site also gives you room to upload your version of your subtitle too but before you can do that you need to sign up on the site.


English Subtitle

Just as the name sound, you can’t find any other language other than English. So, if you are searching for an English subtitle to download, then this site might be of help to you. The website has a nice design which is suitable for downloading, you have the search bar which also makes it easier for you to search for a particular movie subtitle to download. You don’t have to extract the subtitle file because the file does not come in a ZIP compressed format but in SRT format. You may want to ask where this website has ads or not, yes it has. This is how they make money to sustain the site.

Visit English Subtitles 

Final Words

These are my best 10 websites where I download subtitle movies for free. You can check the one that best fit you need, also we have top sites where you can also download the latest and trending movies. I hope you find this article useful. Please show us some love by sharing this article with your friends and family using the social buttons below. Or you have other recommended websites where you download subtitles from, please do let us know using the comment box below. Thank You!!

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