First Touch Soccer 2021

Download First Touch Soccer 2021 (FTS 21 Mod) apk + OBB game for android, this game perfectly works offline with the latest players transfers coupled with unlimited coins/money to buy any players of your choice.

The FTS 2021 is an offline game that comes with HD graphics that features real players faces and nice pitch improvement when compared to FTS 2020. This latest version of the game carries all the updated player’s transfers of last year’s September transfer which includes players like Timo Werner, Kia Harverz that were transferred to Chelsea and so on. Also, this version also comes with the latest official club kits including home and away jerseys.

All the games modes are very much intact like the Tournament, Quick Match, Start Player Match, Training is still featuring in the 2021 version of the First Touch Soccer 21. Like the other previous version of this game where you can choose to play any opponent randomly every day on the Daily Challenge Mode are still present in the FTS 2021 version.

The 2021 version of First Touch Soccer comes with unlimited coins which helps you to buy any top performing players of your choice. But if you don’t like the unlimited coins/money you delete the profile.dat file in the android folder. To do that tap on the android folder, then go to the data folder and search for profile.dat then delete the file.

The commentary features still work perfectly in the FTS 21 version with some little improvements, you hear names of players been call just like the dream league soccer game for android.


App Name FTS 2021
Developers First Touch Games
Game Size 360MB
Category Sports
Installs 10,000+
Last Updated January 2021
Playing MOD Offline
Rating 4/5


Download First Touch Soccer 2021 Mod Apk Obb Data for Android

Download the FTS 2021 MOD APK + OBB data by clicking on the download buttons below and once the game is downloaded follow the installations step underneath the download section below.

If you have FTS 2020 installed on your phone please uninstall it before installing the First Touch Soccer 2021 version. And also make sure that you download all the 3 files below because they are very important.

Data (145.07MB)

OBB (159.81MB)

FTS APK 2021 (66MB)


New Features

  • Realistic player faces
  • Unlimited coins/money
  • Improved game controls
  • Current 2021 club kits.

How to Install FTS 2021 Apk Obb Data for Android?

This section guides you on how to set up or install the FTS 2021 game on your android phone, the steps are easy to understand if you read the guides carefully.

Use Zarchiver app for extractions>> Download Here

Follow the installations below:

  • First, install and open the Zarchiver app.
  • Next, use the Zarchiver app to open the downloads folder.
  • Now locate the OBB FTS 2021 Zip file in the download folder.
  • Click on the OBB Zip file;
  • An options menu will pop-up, click on “Extract”
  • Navigate or go to your device memory on your phone.
  • Tap on the Android folder
  • Next click on the Obb folder in the android folder.
  • Now, tap on the “Extract Icon” that looks like an arrow pointing downwards.
  • To extract the Data FTS 2021 Zip file, similarly, follow the above steps. Once that is done go to the android folder, click on the data folder which is in the android folder and extract the data file just as we did for the OBB Zip file.

The Data file is the one that allows you to get the latest players transfers and the latest 2021 team kits.

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