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Are you looking a website where you can download the best and latest Ghanaian movies? If yes then you are on the right page. Because this article contains a list of websites where you can download the latest Ghanaian movie to your mobile device or to your laptops.

So, without wasting much time, lets see the sites that offer the best Ghanaian Twi movies online.

Which websites can I download Twi movies online?

Tuga Media

Tuga Media is one of the biggest websites in Ghana that offer free Ghanaian movies online. You can watch any type of Ghanaian movies of choices without paying a dime, all you have do is to have a smartphone or a computer with a stable network to connect to the internet to have access to the Tuga Media website.

This website does not only offer Ghanaian movies but the website is also updated with the latest Nigerian movies as well. There are other videos categories you may also be interested in like twi cartoons, comedy movies and so on you select any category of your choice to download. To download Twi movies on is very easy and simple all you have to do is to use your mouse cursor to hover on the Ghana Movies menu. You will see Twi movie click on it to download the Twi movie of your choice, if you are using a laptop. But if you are using a smartphone enter the website you will notice a three-horizontal line at the right side of the website tap on it and a drop-down menu will appear. Under the Ghanaian Movies you will find the Twi menu tap on it to download any Twi movies of your choices.

To access this site, you can visit the Tuga Media by visiting on your mobile or laptop with an internet connection.

Iroko TV

This is another great website where you can watch Twi movies online, but unlike Tuga Media where they offer free Ghanaian movie to download. Iroko TV isn’t free you will have to pay a little amount of money to be able to have access to videos on the Iroko TV platform.

Once you have completed your subscription fee you can watch any movie of your choice. You can either choose to stream your videos online or download, the choice is yours. The Iroko TV app is available on the Apple App store or the Google Play Store for free.


This is another great place where you can get any type of Twi movies of your choice. YouTube is one of biggest video streaming platform on internet and second when it comes to search engine. Most of video featured on this platform are original movies which comes with free subtitles in English for those who really don’t understand Twi.

Some of the channels on YouTube that upload Twi movies are African Twi movies, Latest Ghana Twi Movies, Affine Max Movies and so on. Or you can search for a particular movie title you will love to watch.


Where can I watch Ghana movies online for free?

You can watch or download any Ghanaian local movies on these three main sites YouTube, Iroko Tv App or Tuga Media.

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