Different ways to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Tv

On like any other Android device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a lot of great features that allows you to carry out some amazing tasks. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to connect your Galaxy Note 9 to your television set.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a mirror screen that allows you to connect your Note 9 device to your Tv to give you larger screen display. let your Galaxy Note 9 connected to your television set using the following options below.

Option 1:  Wired Method (HDMI)

This method is one of the easiest and quickest ways to connect your mobile device to your tv set, to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to your tv set is to use a USB-C to an HDMI adapter. Plug in the adapter into the USB port of your phone and the other to your television set provided your TV has an HDMI port.

Once you’re done with the connection, you will notice a notification that it has been plugged. make sure that your television set is on to get the display options. Once all your connections are done properly, your selected view will immediately display on the screen of our Tv.

Option 2. MiraCast

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 supports the Miracast standard for wireless connection of devices, Miracast was introduced in 2012 which means that you don’t need a wired connection. To use the Miracast option, pull down the notification shade of your phone at the top. Tap on Samsung Connect, select the provided list of your TV. On the list, if you couldn’t find your TV you can add it manually by selecting TV, and follow the instructions.

Option 3. Smart View

Smart View requires you to have a Smart Tv, make sure that your television set is ready to receive signals. You can easily do this by pulling down the shade notification at the top of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then select Smart View. But if you cannot find the Smart View option on your phone, you can download the Samsung Smart View App on the Google Play store and follow the possible instructions.

Option 4. Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is another great, easy and most popular method, that makes you mirror your device to a TV set. Chromecast allows you to stream online videos directly from its source. Follow this step below to get your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 connect to your TV.

  • Get a Chromecast device ready
  • Connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your Tv set
  • Now connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Chromecast to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Install the latest version Google Home App on Google Play store.
  • Once the Google Home App install and configured properly together with your Chromecast, apps will then have a CAST OPTION.
  • Now you can mirror the screen of your Samsung Note 9 directly from the Google home app by selecting Cast screen/audio. You can now enjoy your viewing.

Option 5. Samsung DeX

Samsung Note 9 allows you to display contents on your phone to a TV, Laptop or any wider device you wish to connect your phone to. This can be done via Samsung DeX, to do this task you don’t need any formal learning to do that, all you have to do is to plug in the Samsung USB-C to an HDMI cable to your phone and access the DeX Mode.


We believe that you can now connect your Samsung Note 9 to your TV and we believe that this article has been helpful to you, but if it’s still doesn’t work for you let us know by commenting on the comment box below.

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