Preparing for a Computer Based Test

Qualifying examinations into Higher institutions in Nigeria were formerly written on a paper script. However due to the increasing number of candidates, in Nigeria. Which make it difficult to released result on time, the need for equity in assessment, the need to compete with international standard among others, the paper-based test was phased out and a computer-based test was introduced.

Preparing for a Computer Based Test

A computer based test (examination) is one administered through the use of computers. This type of examination is commonly referred to as Computer-Based Test (CBT). In 2014, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) introduce the use of CBT examination in the conduct of its Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME).

More examination bodies are planning to adopt this system of examining candidates. Also, all institution conducting the Post UTME admission screening uses the computer-based test (CBT). Some higher institutions like the likes of FUT Minna (federal university of technology) also conduct internal examinations involving multiple choice using CBT. Also, most employment aptitude test is Computer Base Test as well. These are the reasons why youths should know more how to write a computer-based examination.

Preparing for a Computer Based Test

Preparing for a computer-based examination is also similar to preparing for a paper-based examination. Computer-based tests are delivered in multiple-choice formats. In CBT, each question with its associated options is displayed on a computer screen. The candidate is expected to select his choice of answer and then move on to the move on to the next question. The computer displays a timer to help the candidate keep track of the timing of the examination and would end it automatically when the time elapses.

Preparation for CBT includes the use of CBT Practice Application or Test simulation software to practice exam questions on your smartphone, laptops or any device that can be connected to the internet. The use of software help candidate to master the act of taking examinations with the use of computer before the actual examination. It also helps you to evaluate your scores instantly, and also monitor your time usage as well as track your performance progress in your subject areas. It helps to stimulate scenario from home if this area is neglected it could cause serious attention as the candidate may not know what to do in certain circumstances. This has led some to mistakenly click the SUMMIT OR END button when they are yet to complete their examination which can cause them failing the exam.

Before the day of the examination, the candidate preparing for CBT should read and study the relevant subject topic adequately, using the examination syllabus as a guide. They should also attend additional coaching class where necessary.

Taking a Computer Based Test (Examination)

On the day of the examination, ensure you get there at least two hours before scheduled as you may be required to join a queue to show you means of identification or be required to go through biometric screening. Here are few tips to help you in taking a computer-based test.

  • Do not panic as you don’t need to be a guru or professional to excel in CBT
  • Join the queue for your biometric when the needs arise
  • Do not take your phone along with you to the examination hall as this can disqualify from taking the exam
  • If there is a problem with the computer you are using you can complain to the examination inspector. Note do not complain to your neighbour next to you it cause you been disqualified because it can be considered as cheating. Just raise your hand up and the inspector will solve the problem for you.

  General steps to take In a Computer Based Test

  • Type in your examination number and confirm your details and proceed to the next step. Report any error the invigilators.
  • To start the examination, select the subjects you want to answer first.
  • The first question will appear with its options click the right answer and move to the next questions.
  • If you have enough time after getting to the last questions you go over to cross-check that your answers are correct.
  • After answering all the question Click on the Summit or End Button.
  • If you mistakenly click the Summit or End button before you get to your final question. The software will ask you are you sure you want to end this “YES or NO” click NO if you go ahead and Click Yes or Ok. The examination as end for you so be careful and follow instructions.

In some CBT test when you click the Submit Button the result automatically pop up but in JAMB CBT you will have to wait for a day or two.

How to check JAMB CBT Result

  • Go to JAMB website
  • Write your reg number of Email
  • Then click on check result

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