Android Mirror Cast

Android Mirror Cast is a single way to replace a phone, tablet, or laptop on a television or monitor screen for a clearer and bigger view.


This means showing a movie, video, content, etc that is displayed on a phone, tablet, or laptop to the television or monitor screen, don’t be confused, this simply can be seen as projecting just that in Android casting the display is only done in an electronic device unlike projecting.

Mirror casting is very efficient when working with groups of people so that each person can see the display comfortably.

Also, mirror casting can be referred to as screen sharing.

Android screen casting allows wireless mirroring of video content from phones, tablets, and laptops.

How to screen mirror your Android to a television or monitor screen

  • Firstly, you need to have or get a television or computer monitor.
  • Then after you have gotten the two necessary things, I believe you already have an Android phone, follow the process below to continue,
  • Get a Google home app and a Google Chromecast, alternatively a television or monitor with Chromecast built-in which should include a Google nest hub that has a screen.

Note: most television brands include their own screen monitoring software while building them, like Samsung for example.

How to set it up

After collecting the necessary materials, the next thing is how to set it up, and that is what we are going to explain in this part of the article:

  • Get your television or monitor ready and connect the Chromecast to one of the screen HDMI ports. After connecting it, set it up from your android phone; before doing this, you need to download the google home app to help you set it up.
  • Make sure your android phone and Chromecast are set up and connected to the same wifi.
  • Check your phone notification and look for a pop-up titled “screencast” if you can’t see it, tap on the pencil icon on the lower left side and select cast from the option that comes out.
  • Once you see the screencast, tap on it so that your phone will search for Chromecast, once it appears as a casting option, tap it and give your phone permission to start recording.

If you followed the whole process till this time, your android screen should be seen now on your television or monitor which the Chromecast is using. Every action you take on your android will be seen on the television or monitor.

How to disconnect the Android casting

To cancel the setup, kindly return to the quick options menu, hope you still remember from your notification side, okay let go. Select the quick option, select screencast, and then disconnect. The device is successfully disconnected.

How to screen mirror your android to your PC or MacBook

It is very difficult or even impossible to set up Android mirroring on a PC or Macbook. But in this article, we are going to show you how to achieve that with an app called Tenorshare Phone Mirror.

Tenorshare allows you to mirror your Android phone to a Windows or Macbook computer. This app has a free and a premium version. You can use the free version to set up Android mirroring, but it will display a watermark that the premium version removes. The premium version also allows you to unlock new features in the app.

Okay, let’s go into the main business on how to set it up.

After downloading the tenorshare app, run it and open it on your system, you need to set up USB debugging on your phone.

  • Open the settings of your phone, scroll down to about phone, and tap on it.
  • Click on the build number, tap the build number seven times and enter your phone pin. After entering your pin go back to your settings.
  • Scroll down and select the developer option.
  • Click on debugging and toggle on USB debugging.
  • After running the above setup, connect your android device to your computer with a USB cable, a pop-up should come out, select USB debugging and allow it.

To disconnect this setup, close the mirroring window and unplug your android phone from your computer.

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