Today we are going to be discussing 8 blogging mistakes a newbie makes and how they can avoid it. I have seen many people who always say that starting and managing a blog is easy, well I will say that they are not 100% correct. Have you ever sit and thought of how difficult writing a quality post maybe? The truth about blogging is not that difficult, is as simple as ABC especially when you have the right knowledge or orientation about blogging as a newbie.

As a newbie expect to make some mistake in as much as you want to make your blog to be perfect, you will surely encounter some mistake which is normal. There is a saying which says failure is the beginning of learning, so if you learn from the mistake you will become better than before.

As a newbie before venturing into blogging there is a lot of reading and learning to be done. However, you can find inspiration from other top bloggers that also experience difficulties and how they improve on their mistakes.

So for all newbie and beginners bloggers out there who are looking to make money or name for themselves, below are 8 common blogging mistakes a newbie or beginner commit and how they can avoid them.

 8 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a Newbie

  1. Not wanting to spend: If you are considering to make a name for yourself or money, then you can run away from spending money on your blog. For you to be considered as a serious blogger, you have to get a domain and hosting account for your blog.
  2. Being a Perfectionist
  3. Write a post like you are taking to an audience: This aspect is very good because it makes writing very easy to write and also posts reading enjoyable when reading.
  4. Only write about what your blog talks about.
  5. Respond to comment on a regular basis.
  6. Prompt your blog content.
  7. Write some of your best content for other people site which you think as go far than yours because there is no better way than getting exposed to a new audience than investing your money in guest posts for other popular sites.
  8. Decide how frequent you will like to be publishing content and make sure you stick to it. You can write posts in advance.

This image below will give you more understanding, try to learn from the list


Make sure you learn from the above tips to avoid mistakes.Get more blogging tips on Start Blogging Online 

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